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Migrating all your data workload to the Cloud is no small endeavour. At Projects Expert, we are happy to be your specialised cloud migration partner to ensure a more straightforward and smooth migration process.

Projects Expert is a highly dedicated and experienced Cloud Migration architecture team who will work in partnership with your in-house team to offer advice and support throughout the entire data migration to the Cloud lifecycle. 

Data Migration 

Want smooth transition experience for your database infrastructure?


What do we do?

  • Understand your business’s specific needs and work in close collaboration with your team for the best pre-migration preparation.

  • Assess all your business models to analyse the best strategic fit of data migration for your organization.

  • Work in close partnership with your teams to reduce downtime to an absolute minimum.

  • Ensure your business estate is fully optimised with the highest levels of performance possible.

  • Offer a complete wrap-around service to optimise your business in the long term with managed services like proactive monitoring, regular health checks and performance reviews.

What do You get?

  • An Oracle database migration service that is designed around you and ascertains your migration project is a smooth experience.

  • A customized data migration plan that best suits your need.

  • Seamless integration of all migration tools with the Oracle Database offers you greater control and improved efficiency when moving your databases to the Oracle Cloud.

  • A trusted data migration partner who handles everything from planning and licensing optimisation to the transition itself, delivering upon agreed SLAs to achieve clearly defined outcomes.

  • Experts who work in tandem with your in-house team. We understand that they know your business best, just as we know Oracle best, and together we strive to deliver the smoothest transition experience with the optimum outcomes for your database infrastructure.

We are the experts at Data Migration because we understand the benefits and drawbacks of the different approaches to Oracle cloud. We are here to evaluate and choose best-practice solutions to support your individual business requirements.

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