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Cloud Readiness Assessment  

Are you ready to make the move to Cloud?


Transformation to the cloud is no longer a new phenomenon. For any business, it provides a prime opportunity for introspection of existing business processes and align them to industry direction, standards and best practices. However, this should not be done in haste.  

Pre-migration planning is as important, if not more, as the implementation work itself.  With our Cloud Readiness Assessment, we will not only assess your organisation’s readiness to move to the cloud, but we also transform your organization’s rough idea of moving to the cloud into a detailed plan that will explain how to make it happen and in what order events should occur. 

Projects Expert has developed its own unique experienced-based methodology for assessing which alternatives are best suited for your organisation to get the most from its investment in Oracle applications and technology.

What do we do?

  • Help you put together a strategic plan that guarantees to make the most from your existing Oracle on-premises system.

  • Analyse if it is practical and/or profitable to let go of on-premise applications to jump on the cloud bandwagon

  • Support you to migrate or modernise to unlock potential business value and improve business agility.

  • Provide essential services to upgrade your on-premises solution, guiding you with the latest functionality.

  • Help you understand how to manage a successful transition. It could be a combination of simply upgrading on-premise applications, moving them to the Infrastructure cloud, transitioning to full software, or a hybrid model that’s specifically catered for your unique Project needs.

What do You get?

Through our Cloud Readiness Assessment, you can get a clearer picture of:

  • Analysis plus Business Flow alignment between your current on-premises solution and Cloud, understanding what your business needs to achieve its goals

  • Data Management and Integration Operations

  • Business Flow alignment between existing on-premise solutions and Cloud

  • Support Arrangements

  • Customised Review and plan for managing residual gaps

The detailed report of our Cloud Readiness Assessment enables clear and actionable outcomes that help you see all potential changes needed across people, processes, and tools to provide world-class enterprise-class operations capabilities for the future, either on-premises or in the Cloud.

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