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Faster Turnaround

Faster Turnaround

Proven Expertize

Proven Expertize

Rest assured that you are hiring an expert for the job.

Improved ROI

Improved ROI

Faster results and expert help will ensure that you not only save on time but also on a big chunk of your ERP related expenses

Consulting On-Demand

Engage proven expertise, on time every time

Often organizations stumble upon issues that need a quick access to an expert who could assist them with design issues, configuration changes or just validate their implementation plans. With my extensive experience and knowledge of Oracle Projects suite I can help you with these faster turnaround requests.

A projects driven enterprise solution is not a run of the mill solution. On one hand, it provides infinite flexibility and on the other,  it brings with itself the challenges associated with centralization of control at the project level. Not only projects but project-driven businesses too are so disparate in nature that one solution can never fit all. It is imperative that you rope in people who truly understand the challenges associated with a project-driven enterprise solution. Here are some of the ways, we can help you with but not limited to -

  1. ​Implementation of Project Financial Management Cloud

  2. Implementation of Project Execution Management Cloud

  3. Implementation of P6 EPPM

  4. Implementation of Primavera Cloud

  5. Solution Design Review or for designing a solution.

  6. Presales Demonstration and solution review.

  7. Post Live system Maintenance

  8. Period Close Issues

  9. User Acceptance Testing

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